Julie is a full time artist living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She enjoys psychological horror, surrealism, portraiture, and pop art, often mixing genres to convey a message. She often explores the bridge between the subconscious and reality in her art, as well as mental illness and trauma. 


Her favorite subject to paint are the feelings and pains that everyone experiences, but most people never acknowledge, such as the pain of not having anyone show up to your birthday party. Furthermore, she enjoys taking control of this pain and spinning it into something positive that everyone can relate to.

Julie strives to create work that fosters a connection with others, and comforts those that feel they have failed to do so. She draws inspiration from her own traumatic experiences, emotions, and dreams. 

Julie often uses music and videogames as sources of inspiration. Her love for the German metal band Rammstein inspires her choice to use German words in many of her paintings, and her favorite game Layers of Fear, has served for the inspiration behind her Instagram handle, @Layersofjulie. 

Julie can be found at her studio in Philadelphia, or at home with her dog Bonesy.  Julie lives by the Golden Rule:

"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art."

-Paul Cézanne